Poseeraus (Pose)


Poseeraus (Pose) is a short film about model Sanni Salminen who has
loved to pose for the camera since she was a child. But time has a way
of changing matters and people.


The film is a mini document about loves and fears. It depicts how the
winner of 2006 Mallikoulu (Modelschool) -tv-series, Sanni Salminen feels
about posing for the camera.

Originally, the film was made as a test shoot for the acclaimed short
documentary Kun Liikun (When I Move) to test out the possibilities and
difficulties in the story-telling of short documentaries.

Model: Sanni Salminen
Voice-over: Riikka Papunen
Director: Ville Salminen
Sound Design: Veera Niemi
Music: Jarkko Hietanen
Make Up and Hair: Anu Valkeinen
Flashback Material: Paula Salminen
Production: Obscure Entertainment
Distribution: Ville Rissanen / Obscure Entertainment