We produce our own contents and work as subcontractors for other production companies in the field of film and television. There's no subject that we fear and storytelling in all its forms is our passion. We're not shy to take grasp on any challenge or genre and will throw ourselves in with a child-like enthusiasm.


Our creative minds are also let loose on the commercial films we produce. We manage productions in all aspects from concept design to subcontracting for advertising agencies and offer all-inclusive commercial production as a whole or in parts. We're happy to help all clients regardless of size and channel of publication.


Our visual music videos have been seen by millions of viewers and we enthusiastically offer our skills for use for bands and artists whichever their musical style might be. Like with everything else, our motto is that contents come first and we love well told, tonally rich stories; also when they are accompanied by a music track.


Yes, our corporate films are called films for a reason. Rich tone and well told stories are important in polishing corporate brands and our strong experience with dramatic storytelling helps create just the right conceptions with which the message and core idea behind a company can be brought forward in a clear and interesting way.

Got interested? We'd be thrilled to hear from you!

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