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You have landed on the website of Obscure Entertainment, a Tampere, Finland based production company and production service. The company was established in Tampere in May 2008 and is happy to serve you with every production need; be it a whole production or just a part of it. We hope you enjoy scrolling through our site and wholeheartedly wish you contact us afterwards. Cheers!

What is it we do?

…one might ask. Well, since 2008, we’ve worked as a film and television production company and production service – and are still going strong! In addition to our own productions of all sizes and shapes, we’ve helped other productions for clients from all aspects of film, television, business, media and culture. Check the main menu for details on our own productions and find short descriptions of our services on the right.

film and television production

As a production company, we’ve produced a hefty load of content both on our own and for our clients. Both feature length and shorter form film and television production is right up our alley but we also enjoy some commercial work along the lines of commercials, corporate videos and music videos.

production services

Coming to film in the Tampere region, the most alluring area in Finland both visually and financially? We most certainly can help you! For the past few years, we’ve helped all kinds of productions flourish by lending out a hand – be it by location scouting, finding the right people to work for you, contacting local businesses for cooperation, renting our beautiful office as a production hub – you name it!

crew services

As well as helping with your other production needs, we are capable of working with you as a subcontractor for crew members. Having worked (especially, not exclusively) in the Tampere region for more than 13 years, we know our way around here and know the right people to contact for your crew needs.

equipment rentals

It’s not much but we do have a modest storage full of filming equipment from cameras and lights to smaller sound recording devices and location equipment. Maybe it’s not enough to fit the whole crew with gear but if you’re out there shooting and something breaks down; maybe we can provide an alternate option? Contact us and we’ll see what we can do.